Bisnow Honors New York City’s Power Women

Part 6

JRT Realty Group CEO Jodi Pulice

Jodi Pulice started her career as a salesperson for Northwest Orient (Northwest). Seeking to make a change, Jodi was connected by Berley & Co’s Mary Salerno, who Jodi describes as “one of the trailblazers for women in commercial real estate.” Now leading JRT Realty Group, Jodi says she’s driven by her desire to do her part to add diversity to the real estate industry by showing women they can make something of themselves in an industry that requires grit, strength and confidence. Doing so is more necessary than ever, she stresses: although there’s been significant growth for women, the industry’s still mainly comprised of white males. “This is something I have been striving to combat my entire career,” she tells Bisnow. But, she says, she has faith the industry can get to equality across races, genders, creeds, etc., as long as others display the same perseverance, confidence and hard work she has. When she’s not fighting for equality, Jodi likes going for bike rides with her husband, listening to Barbra Streisand and watching Yankees games.

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